After first falling to historically low levels, fuel prices have now shot to heights unseen for several years.

They have been on the up for a while and don't look to be falling any time soon: fuel prices have reached new heights in Luxembourg.

During the first lockdown last year, prices had dropped considerably. In May 2020, a liter of diesel cost a mere 0.835€. SP95 went down to 0.891€ and SP98 to 0.97€ a liter.

This Tuesday, 3 August 2021, with the price of the barrel ever climbing, a liter of diesel is priced at 1.231€, SP95 at 1.355€ and SP98 at 1.443€.

According to our records, diesel and petrol have not been this expensive since 2013/2014. In September 2013, diesel was 1.258€ and 98 petrol 1.439€, while in July 2014 SP95 cost 1.362€.