The chief executive from the Chamber of Trades sat down for an interview with our colleagues from RTL Radio on Monday morning.

For the most part, the craft and trade sector was not severely affected by the July floods. However, for those businesses that did suffer damages, it is no laughing matter, Wirion explained: "Some may not be able to persevere, especially in the aftermath of Covid."

Wirion also addressed the status of independents, which he believes needs amending if the perspective of opening a small business in the Grand Duchy is to remain attractive. Replacement salaries for people unable to work would be a welcome option, Wirion noted.

When asked about material shortages across different sectors, Wirion elaborated how simple replacements now take up to a month instead of the usual two days. Unfortunately, clients then often blame businesses for longer working times, although they have no control over supply.

Despite the pandemic and the renewed setback from the floods, Wirion noted that the sector is slowly turning optimistic again that activities can take up a faster pace.