Aside from material damage, the recent floods also had repercussions on the soil in the most affected areas of the country.

Toxic substances made their way outside of contained spaces with the help of the overflowing water, and pollutants like petrol may cause significant damages to the soil if exposed in large quantities.

The Environmental Administration has now issued a press release to address any potential health hazards resulting from the pollution. Officials note that there is no reason for concern given that pollutants were watered down to a significant degree. However, when it comes to fresh produce from flooded gardens, it is recommended not to consume anything that was in direct contact with water.

Future harvests should remain unaffected by the natural disaster. Nevertheless, people are advised to dig over the top layers of their gardens to facilitate the soil's recovery. People should moreover wear gloves when doing this.

In case people are confronted with heavy mud, they should first let the respective areas dry up to make the removal easier. If there is still too much, people should hire specialists to help remove the mud.


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