People who care for elderly people at home also need time off every now and then. In that case, these elderly people need to be accommodated and cared for for a period of time.

Here in the country, there are only about 60 beds for such situations for short stays. These places are in the 64 Cipas, or supervised housing, which have a total of 7,200 beds.

These 60 beds are also available for those who need to return home after hospital, or to check whether such a form of stay can also be offered for a longer period of time.

On the website there is a list of these beds available per structure. However, these are always quickly occupied, which is why structures are currently planned that will offer even more of these short-term beds.

This information was provided by the Minister of Family Affairs, Corinne Cahen, in response to a parliamentary question from LSAP deputies Asselborn-Bintz and Di Bartolomeo.