The Ministry of Mobility launched the new awareness campaign 'Zësummen ennerwee' on Friday.

The campaign aims to promote mutual respect between cyclists and pedestrians. They hope to achieve this by reminding both parties to share public space and to treat each other with respect in order to avoid traffic problems.

To this end, the Ministry included ten tips in the campaign. These partly consist of simple gestures such as greeting and thanking each other, but also that one should alert other road- or pavement users to a change in direction, and avoid listening to loud music.

1. Pedestrians on the left, cyclists on the right
2. Adjust speed
3. Distance ensures safety
4. Ring before overtaking
5. Eye contact
6. Hello and thank you
7. Announce change of direction, such as turning off
8. Avoid loud music and mobile phone
9. Dogs should always be on a leash
10. Respect the environment

The campaign goes into effect on Friday and will be diffused across the news media, social media and digital screens across Luxembourgish public transport.

You can find out more about the individual rules on .


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