Cases of people affected by oak processionary caterpillars, mosquitos, and chiggers have been on the rise lately.

Our colleagues from RTL talked to Alain de Bourcy, president of the pharmacists' union, about allergic reactions to the insects. He explained that the demand for treatment salves is currently extremely high, but that pharmacies are still able to provide patients with adequate solutions.

"Nobody is sent home without a treatment", de Bourcy underlined. It may be the case that some brands are only available in certain pharmacies, he also acknowledged.

Fortunately, stocks are always scheduled to be high at the beginning of summer. If the increased demand were to go on for another three weeks, then problems may occur, de Bourcy further explained. However, with the current rain period, the situation should calm down again.

Especially young children and people severely affected by insect bites and irritation should be careful and seek medical assistance in case of unease. The same applies to allergic people. Excessive scratching of affect skin areas may also lead to infections, which have to be treated with antibiotics.

Pharmacies can sell salves and antihistamine treatments, which are able to block and even reduce allergic reactions, without a prescription.

In case that affected spots are extremely itchy, salves with light cortisone concentration can also be applied systematically. People who have bites all over their body are advised to additionally use antihistamine treatments, which come in the form of pills for adults, and as drops for children.

On average, the human body needs between two and three weeks to recover from the allergic reactions.