Our colleagues from RTL were at the scene and talked to the opposition leader.

Due to security concerns, the visit by the Belarusian politician and activist was not announced priorly. On Sunday, she met with some of her fellow country people at Gëlle Fra in Luxembourg City.

Tichanovskaya hopes that the EU sanctions against Belarus will increase pressure on the regime of Alexander Lukashenko: "We need the support of the international community and we believe that the EU can help us. The more pressure and attention we can focus on Lukashenko, the greater the likelihood of him having to face the consequences of free and fair elections."

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Tichanovskaya further talked about her own life in exile, where she has spent most of her time since the Belarusian elections of August 2020: "I've been living in fear ever since. Now that recently a plane with a regime critic on board was forced to land so that they can arrest him, fear is on yet another level. But more than that, I fear for the individuals who are wrongly imprisoned back home."

On Monday, EU foreign minister will convene in Luxembourg where they will decide on further sanctions against the Lukaschenko regime.