The former president of the Christian Social People's Party (CSV), Frank Engel, reacted on Wednesday morning on RTL Radio to the possibility of a trial and the communication from the public prosecutor's office.

Engel expressed his bewilderment over the statement of the public prosecutor's office, stating it appears to him as if the public prosecutor has not yet decided whether or not to prosecute. The ex-president of the country's biggest political party made these statements following the publication of a press release by the public prosecutor's office on Tuesday evening, announcing that the investigation into the employment contract between Engel and the non-profit association "CSV Frëndeskrees" was over and that a trial could take place before the end of the year.

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Engel went on to say that he will now wait for the public prosecutor's office or the competent authorities to express themselves more clearly. He added that he finds it somewhat "awkward" that in the Luxembourg procedural order the persons concerned are seemingly informed of such developments through the media.

In general, the former president of the CSV described the whole affair as an "inappropriate course of action" against him. The people who were involved in it or who did nothing to prevent it would have done better to mind their own business, Engel stated, adding that "they would have had enough to do".

On the subject of his own party, with which he intends to run in the municipal elections in two years' time, Engel said that discussions were underway.