The study will be a joint effort between the Nurses Association (Anil) and the University of Luxembourg.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has become ever more clear that staff shortages in the country's public health sector are not to be taken lightly. With growing numbers of cross-border employees in the sector, and expected retirements during the upcoming years, the Nurses Association now wants to determine how to make jobs more attractive. With the help of the University of Luxembourg, a respective study is expected to bring clarity.

Martha Fernandez de Henestrosa, PhD researcher at, explained: "The study will be conducted online and anonymously. At first, we mainly enquire about the perception of working conditions in Luxembourg. Then we advance to other important topics, such as personal health and motivation."

According to existing research results, staff shortages may be traced back to the relatively low retirement age of nurses, 37 years on average. Anil president Anne-Marie Hanff commented: "It looks like this tendency is also present in Luxembourg, but we need numbers to have clarity on the situation." Once the research project is concluded, Anil wants to present the results at the Health Roundtable.

When it comes to salaries, nurses already earn more in the Grand Duchy than in most other countries. Nevertheless, officials want to better promote the job to young residents. President Hanff noted in that regard that new training programmes will be essential in that process.