242 cases of Covid were detected in schools from 10 to 16 May - a drop of 55 compared to the previous week.

The majority were single cases, with 190 infections spread across 53 primary schools, 36 secondary schools and 3 competence centres. Pupils were more affected than staff.

29 cases fell under scenario 2 (2 or more cases per class), in 11 primary and 9 secondary schools.

11 cases were found in scenario 3 (up to 5 infections per class) in one primary school, one secondary, and one competence centre.

12 cases were discovered in scenario 4, pertaining to a chain of infection in Leudelange. One pupil tested positive and came in contact with 19 other students in after-school care. 12 of these later tested positive for the virus. The classes were subsequently placed in quarantine.