The association 'Don't forget us' reiterated certain rules concerning meal vouchers - which are not always used in accordance with the regulations.

The association is committed to act on behalf of all types of hospitality operators in Luxembourg, in particular to make their voices heard by the government. Its president, Jean-Claude Colbach, reminded people of the proper use of meal vouchers distributed by certain companies.

The directive of 3 December 1993 states that a 'main meal' can be consumed and paid for by a meal voucher in a restaurant. According to the association's lawyers, shopping at the supermarket or paying for petrol at the petrol station with these vouchers does not comply with the rules.

According to a conservative estimate, restaurant owners have already lost 50 million euros because of such infringements, which have been tolerated for several years. This is a huge amount of money, which would be helpful for a sector that has been heavily impacted by the pandemic.