According to the Independent Luxembourg Trade Union Confederation (OGBL) and the Luxembourg Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (LCGB), the social plan would include 60 redundancies.

The OBGL and the LCGB confirmed this to RTL on Friday.

The trade union representatives of the security company G4S were informed of the extent of the decision after the announcement of the social plan by the company's management.

The people affected by the restructuring measures are all security guards, most of them on short-time work.

The OGBL and the LCGB are strictly against a social plan and demand a job retention plan. The argument of a drop in work due to the pandemic is no longer accepted by the trade unions, who insist that the crisis is coming to an end and that it must be possible to offer prospects to those affected. The trade union representatives are convinced that the announced openings will bring the company back into business.

A meeting with the management of G4S is scheduled for 18 May. In addition, the trade unions have requested a meeting with the Federation of Luxembourg Entrepreneur's (Fédil) Department for the Security Industry.