The desire to get away abroad for a couple of days is growing. But while restrictions are beginning to ease, the rules on travel are still in place. Find them on the interactive map made by our colleagues at 5 minutes.

Until a European health certificate is in place, which should facilitate tourist travel between European countries, each government continues to apply its own directives.
Some countries, such as Ireland and Italy, are willing to receive visits from tourists now on. Other countries are strongly opposed, and make entry conditional on compelling reasons or reserve it for their own nationals. In between are those that do not ban tourists, but advise them not to come, such as Belgium.

This map allows you to look at the different situations, arrival protocols and measures in place in European countries for a departure from Luxembourg, France or Belgium.

Do note that the information in this map is current at the time of publication. The measures taken in different countries to combat the Covid-19 pandemic change often and rapidly. Please make sure that you find out before you leave about the different measures in the place you wish to visit. You can find our more on these sites: Luxembourg, France, Belgium.
The Belgian and French governments advise their citizens to limit travel outside their borders to what is strictly necessary and not to make tourist trips.

All the countries mentioned apply physical distancing measures in various public and sometimes private places. All recommend wearing a mask. For public and private gatherings and meetings, there are many restrictions depending on the type of event, such as weddings and funerals.

Failure to comply with health regulations can result in fines, restrictions and, in some countries, imprisonment in many states, so make sure you follow the rules.