The non-profit has been active since 5 May 2017 and operates on three levels in Luxembourg: prevention, guidance, and de-radicalisation.

Incidents triggered by political, ideological, religious, or thematic motives occur on a regular basis. Among those contacting "" are for instance teachers or social workers working with adolescents or people who are expressing radical ideas. But private individuals who feel they are being influenced in a certain way can get in touch as well.

The video below (with English subtitles) explains who the target groups are, which services are being offered, and what people can do on an individual level.

If you are noticing that a family member or an acquaintance is expressing increasingly radical ideas, the Centre against Radicalisation is one of the available contact points in Luxembourg. Every case can be reported anonymously, either by writing an e-mail to or calling (+352) 20 60 62.