Building on the success of our old Luxembourg Insider series, the new section contains far more information, on everything from schools, to eating out..

When we launched RTL Today back in February of 2018, we mainly offered translations of articles written by our many colleagues from RTL.LU, RTL 5Minutes, as well as the TV and radio journalists.

As the site grew we started rolling out a little bit of original content, and one of our very first RTL Today original series was Luxembourg Insider. By the time the series was concluded, it contained 19 meticulously researched articles covering topics ranging from how to deal with the rental deposit, to keeping the kids entertained, and to understanding Luxembourg's healthcare system.

The guide was useful, and it proved popular with our readers, but it soon felt constrained by having such a diverse range of information held together in one single series.

That's why we're proud to finally launch Luxembourg Insider the section! This is a whole new part to the RTL Today website, with its own layout and a wealth of articles spread across several categories so that it's easier to find the information you need.

Categories include family & school, events & traditions, language information, practical information on all things administrative and bureaucratic, healthcare, and many more - but why have me waffle on about them, when you could head over to the new section and check it out for yourself!

Click here to check out the new section!