On Monday morning, the new president of the state council joined our colleagues at RTL Radio for an extended interview.

Diversity ensures that a multitude of viewpoints are considered when the state council takes a decision, president Schiltz explained: "We have a healthy amount of neutrality." The government institution is responsible for reviewing the legal conformity of proposed draft laws.

When asked about the fact that Martine Lamesch, former wife of Luxembourgish construction giant Marc Giorgetti, is a member of the sustainable infrastructure and development commission, Schiltz underlined that she is not acting on behalf of the construction sector. The same applies to councilman Lucien Lux, who is known to have a close relationship with Flavio Becca.

Apart from being president of the state council, Schiltz himself is also an active LSAP member and employee at the Ministry for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs. Reporter.lu recently questioned the meddling of legislative and executive branches, but Schiltz emphasised that he is not the first civil servant to become a member of the state council: "The same rules apply to everyone. If a member of the council has previously been involved in a certain matter, they will have to stay out of negotiations. It regularly happens."

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state council had to judge numerous matters of great importance. Schiltz underlined that members always take their time to consider all details. Additional staff members have therefore been hired to help process the extensive volumes of documents.

Marc Meyers has recently become the newest addition to the council after his name was put forward by DP. Schiltz conveyed that The Greens will most likely be the next party allowed to propose a new member. Due to a 2017 reform, the council is supposed to reflect the allocation of seats in the Chamber of Deputies.