Of the cases handled in 2020, 49 were based on discrimination against people with disabilities, while 44 focused on discrimination based on race or ethnicity.

39 of the cases dealt with gender discrimination, 12 with sexual orientation, 8 with religion and 6 with age.  In addition, 14 cases belonged to the “multiple discrimination” category and 31 to the “other” category.

The above information formed part of the the CET annual report, submitted to Minister of Family and Integration Corinne Cahen.

According to the report, 104 cases were resolved, while 42 cases are still in progress. In 34 cases the applicants withdrew, in 22 cases there was no way to prove any form of discrimination and in one case there was no right to intervene.

As part of the report, the CET analyses all job offers published, and identified 45 in 2021 which did not respect the guidelines for equal treatment.

Finally, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and other topical issues, the CET noted an increased awareness of the different forms and grounds of discrimination as well as a fundamental need for communication accessible to all.