The vice president of the Luxembourg Red Cross was a guest on RTL Radio on Wednesday morning.

Red Cross Vice President Rita Krombach explained that the demand for the charity's services has significantly increased over the course of the pandemic, stating that Covid-19 and its consequences caused "a lot of problems", especially for low-income households or single parents. Krombach has been doing pro bono work for the Luxembourg Red Cross for over 35 years.

In particular, the eight Red Cross "Butteker" (grocery stores for people affected by poverty where food and everyday products are sold for one third of market prices) have noticed a stark increase in demand. The Red Cross' "social helpline", which can be reached by calling 2755, has also been much busier than usual. Krombach explained that the health crisis had made the country's already existing problems, chief among which is the housing crisis, even worse.

On a more positive note, she also stressed that Luxembourg's residents continue to show great solidarity and donate on a regular basis. Krombach does acknowledge that there is a preference for domestic causes at the moment, to the detriment of development aid. In the eyes of the Red Cross Vice President, this is completely normal and understandable.

In April, the Red Cross is once again organising its "Donation Month". Due to the pandemic, no volunteers will knock at people's doors, but the charity will send out flyers and residents can donate online. It is also possible to select a specific cause to support when making a donation.

In addition to its other work, the Red Cross is also responsible for blood donations in Luxembourg. In 2020, the charity issued a call for new donors as there were fears that people would donate less blood due to the pandemic. 2,000 people answered the call and 1,500 of them were approved. All in all, the Red Cross gained 400 blood donors within a single year.

A total of 13,700 people are registered blood donors in Luxembourg.