This was confirmed by Minister of Health Paulette Lenert and Minister for Home Affairs Taina Bofferding in their joint reply to a parliamentary question by MP Sven Clement from the Pirate Party.

In total, 2,145 CGDIS (Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps) members have received an invitation to be vaccinated. The two ministers also pointed out that if the country's vaccination centres have any additional vaccine doses left at the end of a day, they inform the emergency services. Members on shift at that time are then notified and if they have not yet received a vaccine, they can drive to the respective vaccination centre and receive their jab on the spot.

It should be noted that not every CGDIS staff member falls under the necessary criteria,  e.g. those who are not in direct contact with Covid-19 patients. These members will be vaccinated according to the official government strategy, depending on their age and/or vulnerability.