Cafés and restaurants across the country have been preparing for days for the long-awaited reopening, as the business owners are looking forward to welcoming customers again on Wednesday.

A new page has been turned - at last - for the hotel and restaurant industry: cafés and restaurants are reopening in Luxembourg and can serve their customers on their terraces. This partial reopening is a real breath of fresh air for the entire hotel and restaurant sector, which has been at a standstill since 23 November 2020.

However, the opening of the Grand Duchy's restaurant and café terraces is subject to very strict rules. No more than two people per table, unless they are from the same household. Establishments can open from 6 am to 6 pm, tables must be 1.5m apart or separated by Perspex, and masks are compulsory for waiters and customers on the terrace. Indoors consumption is still prohibited.

Owners hope for a full reopening

One restaurant owner told RTL on Tuesday that both the business owners and their customers have been eagerly awaiting this reopening.

Video report in French:

Other European countries, such as Austria, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia and, since yesterday, Portugal, have opted for a very gradual lifting of restrictive measures, including the opening of bars and terraces. A very "selective" opening of the economy under strict surveillance.

In Luxembourg, the opening of terraces is the only sanitary restriction being lifted by the government at this point in time. This does not prevent professionals from hoping for a total reopening. Jean Sutera from the "Rabelais" restaurant stated that he hopes that the Prime Minister will soon give owners the authorisation to open their indoor areas as well, adding that "the indoor areas are what we need".