In order to ensure public safety, the Police brought a high speed chase in Vianden to a halt, calling for witnesses to help find a black Audi A8.

It was 11 a.m. on Easter Sunday when police signalled to the driver of a black Audi A8, registered in Luxembourg, to pullover for a roadside traffic check. Instead of complying with the instructions, the driver stepped on the throttle and dangerously raced through Vianden's winding streets.

A chase around the town began, during which the motorist undertook several risky manoeuvres, endangering children, pedestrians and cyclists.

"To avoid an accident and unnecessary risk taking, the police had to stop their pursuit," said the Grand Ducal Police in its call for witnesses broadcast on Sunday evening.

The Audi A8 was not registered correctly, and as its driver could not be found so far, the Police are calling for any witnesses to contact the Diekirch police station at (+352) 244 80 1000 or by email at: police.diekirchvianden@police.etat.