A coronavirus cluster was detected in the retirement home "Um Lauterbann" in Niederkorn. While it was initially reported that 20 people had tested positive for Covid-19, it has turned out that the number is significantly higher.

Sixty-three residents and 25 staff members have tested positive for Covid-19. A spokesperson for Servior, the company which manages the retirement home, confirmed that five people have died so far.

Most of the infected residents are well, with the majority being asymptomatic. Twelve of them have symptoms, with three residents experiencing severe symptoms. The people who passed away suffered from pre-existing conditions. Three of them died last weekend.

On 17 February, the first resident tested positive for Covid-19. Two days later, numerous others were confirmed to be infected as well during an internal large-scale test. Servior stated that this is, however, in no way an "exceptional" situation, pointing out that similar clusters had occurred in other retirement homes in the past. The only peculiarity is that the infections appeared shortly after residents had received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in mid-February.

While Servior regrets that the vaccination agenda did not allow for vaccinations to start earlier, the company makes it clear that this incident is no reason to question whether residents should receive their second doses. Vaccinations will continue as scheduled around mid-March.

The infected residents have been isolated. Visits are currently not allowed, but digital means of communication can still be used.

The origin of the infections is not yet known.