Every week, the Ministry of Health provides a retrospective overview of the Covid-19 situation in Luxembourg, this time between 22-28 February.

For the week of 22-28 February, the number of positive Covid-19 cases increased by 5.1% from 1,249 to 1,313. 3,101 contacts were traced back, marking a 13.5% increase.

The number of PCR tests performed during the week of 22-28 February increased from 60,716 to 64,276.

As of 28 February, the number of active infections stood at 2,822 (compared to 2,697 on 21 February) and the number of people 'cured' rose from 50,842 to 52,019. The average age of people diagnosed with Covid-19 has decreased to 36.8 years.

12 new deaths, against 16 in the previous week, related to Covid-19 are to be deplored. The average age of those who died is 82 years old.

In hospitals, there is a slight increase in patient numbers, with 68 hospitalisations in normal care and 18 hospitalisations in intensive care compared to 59 and 15, respectively.

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Positivity rate and incidence rate

For the reference period, the effective reproduction rate (RT eff) decreased slightly from 1.04% to 0.95%, while the positivity rate on all the tests carried out (prescriptions, Large Scale Testing, contact tracing ) remains rather stable with 2.04% against 2.06% last week (average over the week).

The incidence rate is 210 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over 7 days. For the week of 22 February, the incidence rate was 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over 7 days. Compared to the previous week, the age groups of 0-14 years and 15-29 years recorded the greatest increase (respectively + 32% and + 12%) while the greatest decrease was recorded among the 30-44 age group (-10%). The 15-29 age group has the highest incidence rate while the 60-74 age group continues to have the lowest incidence rate.

2,649 people were in isolation (+ 5%) and 2,991 in quarantine (+ 9% compared to the previous week).

For the 1,313 new cases, the family circle remains the most frequent context of transmission of Covid-19 infections with 48.4%, followed by the aid and care sector (4.9%), leisure (4.8%) and work (3.9%). The rate of contaminations for which the source is not clearly attributable fell to 33.1%.

Vaccinations and mutations

For the week of 22-28 February, 6,812 doses were administered in total. 3,837 people received a 1st dose and 2,975 a 2nd.

For the week of 15-21 February,, the population sequencing coverage was 6.57%. This figure is less than the estimated coverage of 11%, which is the minimum required for a representative population sequencing sample. On the basis of a statistical inference, the frequency of variants declared during week 7/2021 is therefore not representative of the variants in circulation in Luxembourg.

Regarding the non-representative sampling of 82 samples carried out for that week, the following distribution can be observed:

- British UK variant (B.1.1.7) represents 52% of cases;
- South African variant SA (B.1.351) represents 22.7% of cases;
- no new case of the Brazilian variant (P.1 or P.2) was found.