To date, half of those over the age of 75 have been invited to get vaccinated against Covid-19, whether they are resident of a care home or not, according to Minister of Family Corinne Cahen.

"By 25 March we will have given all care and nursing home residents a second jab. Then we will have completed all such homes, including those attending to people with disabilities", said Cahen in an interview with RTL.

Marc Fischbach, the president of COPAS, an organisation which provides services in the care and nursing home sector, added that by the end of this week, 22 homes have already handed out a second vaccination dose. While the ministry and COPAS both recommend that residents be allowed to visit their rooms again and no longer have to undergo quarantine upon returning from outside, mask rules, social distancing and registration for guests still apply.

The 152 residents of the CIPA Gréngewald in Niederanven have so far only received their first dose. 95% of residents accepted the jab, said director Patrick Reding, who is pleased with the rate: "There are some people who were afraid at the start, but who have now asked for the first jab in our second round. Furthermore, the ministry had invited people who did not accept their invitation to come back for a second chance".

Reding hopes that once the weather gets better they can organise activities outside again. They have been missed during the pandemic: "We do a lot of parties, big parties in front of the door, where the whole community of the municipality of Niederanven is involved. Our birthday dinner, things like that, and that's extremely important to us", he said.