Luxembourg saw an 18% increase in the consumption of organic products in 2019, according to findings published in "The World of Organic Agriculture" by research institutes FiBL and IFOAM, making it a global leader in terms of annual growth.

Per capita, Luxembourg spends €265 annually, putting it in third place behind Denmark (€344) and Switzerland (€342). The market share of organic products is 8% and has generated €160 million in revenue in 2019.

In neighbouring Germany, the market share of organic products skyrocketed to 22% in 2020, a trend which may have been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic and the increased importance of quality standards.

Luxembourg currently counts 109 organic producers and 5,782 hectares of organic farming land, which is only between 4-5% of all farming land currently in use, a rather low percentage compared to other countries. To meet demand with supply, the OIKOPOLIS group, to which the organic supermarket NATURATA belongs, calls for more "bio" farming and government initiatives to boost the sector.