Our colleagues from RTL visited the primary school in Bertrange to talk about the stricter measures put in place since the end of the carnival holidays.

Following a week of homeschooling and a week of holidays, teachers spent a considerable amount of time on reorganising their classrooms on Monday. They further discussed with their pupils how they felt about remote learning and which elements of their daily routines they missed the most.

Teacher Mandy Kraus noted: "Some kids liked staying at home, others did not. It's important that they learn how to talk about their feelings in that regard and learn how to communicate. Also, they are able to see that others feel the same, which gives them strength."

Children mostly missed seeing their teachers and friends, but not having to wear masks for prolonged periods of time. Some even argued that the masks were reason enough for them to prefer homeschooling. Others showed understanding for the situation and stated already being used to it.

Despite all restrictions, schools are doing their best to provide some amount of normality, most notably during physical education, where masks do not have to be worn. Regional director David Bettinelli also commented on the situation: "It remains a recommendation that sports activities take place in small groups of four. Of course when the weather is better we have more space outside. We're making use of the fresh air."

© Didier Weber / RTL