On Monday, the National Employment Agency (ADEM) communicated the recent unemployment figures, which contain a detailed overview of the month of January.

The unemployment rate remained stable at 6.4% from December 2020 to January 2021. However, with 19,882 residents looking for occupation, the levels are still significantly elevated.

Although figures went drastically up in spring last year, they managed to stabilise in summer and have more or less remained the same since. Before the government initiated the first country-wide lockdown in March 2020, unemployment was at 5.5%.

A third of unemployed people have been with the agency for over a year. Most of them are between the age of 30 and 44. The unemployment rate for people under the age of 30 is currently at 24%. Furthermore, close to 10,100 job-seekers receive full unemployment benefits at the moment.

When it comes to open positions, ADEM added 2,792 new job offers in January, around 36% fewer than during the same month last year. Currently, the agency counts 6,600 vacant positions distributed across a variety of sectors, including IT, accounting, transportation, finance, or even stonemasonry.