Luxembourg has no blood bank for animals, which means that in case of an emergency, it can be difficult to find an adequate donor in time.

There are multiple reasons for animals to be in need of blood transfusions, such as accidents or operations. They can also be required in cases of poisoning, infectious diseases, or chronic ones.

In order for pets to become donors, they need to be vaccinated as well as free of worms. Cats need to be aged between one and ten, and weigh at least four kilograms. Dogs should be between the age of one and eight and weigh at least 25 kilograms. They should never have received a transfusion themselves. Furthermore, if an animal has spent time in areas around the Mediterranean Sea, including the south of France, the north of Africa, or Turkey, they are no longer eligible.

Prior to giving blood, pets will be examined in great detail to make sure that they are healthy, and to determine their blood type. Dogs with type DEA 1.1 negative are best suited for donating blood, while positive ones can only transfer to some dogs. Then it depends on a dog's temper whether it will be sedated before the procedure or not. Blood is usually taken from the neck area. Dogs then receive food and are advised to rest for the remainder of the day.

Janine Kasper and her dog Luna, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, have already donated blood on several occasions. Luna is four years old and weighs around 40 kilograms, making her the perfect candidate. Her owner works in an animal clinic and therefore knows about the importance of blood transfusions.


© Janine Kasper

Veterinarian Véronique Weber explained to our colleagues from that the animal clinic in Bettembourg has established a databank, where people can register their pets to become donors. So far, the country has not yet created its own blood bank, as demand is not high enough and they were always able to find donors in time. Nevertheless, Dr Weber still hopes that more people register their pets in the future, as they will also benefit of a free consultation and examination.

For more information on the animal clinic in Bettembourg, visit their website via the following link: