Luxembourg's second vaccination centre will open its doors on 15 February, the Ministry of Health communicated on Friday evening.

The centre will open at the "Maison des matériaux" in Esch-Belval on 30, Avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux. Residents will receive a vaccination invite and may then choose whether they prefer getting the jab at the Victor Hugo Hall in the City, or at this second site in the south. Further centres are planned for other regions of the Grand Duchy.

A vaccination appointment is broken up into five segments. First, upon arrival, the individual is checked by a member of security, before moving on to the registration office. The patient is then asked to wait in a waiting room. Following a health check-up with a doctor, and should all be well, the jab is administered. After receiving the vaccine, the individual may rest in a supervised room for a short period of time before returning home.

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