The tourism industry needs to adapt to the new travel restrictions that were unveiled on Monday, including testing and varying quarantine rules in different countries.

Luxembourg airport was relatively quiet on Tuesday. However, it is meant to pick up during the carnival holidays. Due to the new travel restrictions that are about to come into effect, customers naturally have many questions, but Luxair assures that it will provide all the necessary information.

For several destinations LuxairTours will provide rapid tests at hotels, says Alberto Kunkel, head of LuxairTours.

One rule is set in stone though: no one will be allowed on Luxair flights without a negative test. This applies to return flights too, which may pose a problem, should Luxair not provide the tests at the holiday destination.

According to the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net), travellers should seek out where and when negative tests are required and where they may have to undergo a quarantine when arriving. Rules can differ from country to country and testing capacity might be limited in some.

In several countries, including the UK for example, PCR tests are not funded by the national health service and must be paid in full by the traveller.

If the test does come back positive, Luxair passengers will not be permitted on board and will have to extend their stay. According to the director of the ECC-Net, Karin Basenach, travellers will then need to respect the local quarantine and public health measures.

Questions also remain regarding paid holidays. Should you contract Covid-19 on a holiday you are not entitled to sick leave.

Luxair also said it will waive tests for short trips, as long as outbound and inbound flights take place within 72 hours.

Gilles Feith, Luxair CEO, said that the airline will draft clear rules and guidelines for its customers. He also hopes that other airlines abide by the same rules.