The active coronavirus measures imposed by the government not only affect how and when we transmit Covid-19, but also other infectious diseases.

Thus far, the current flu season has not hit the country in significant manner. Despite the colder temperatures of the winter months, transmissions across Europe have remained relatively low. Our colleagues from talked to epidemiologist Joël Mossong, who explained that the number of people who got vaccinated against the annual flu is higher than ever before.

Same as with the coronavirus, the first people to be administered the vaccine are those considered to be more vulnerable in face of the threat. As they are mostly living with reduced contact in the first place, it will still take a considerable amount of time before the effectiveness of the immunity comes into play on a larger scale.

Caution still has to be paid in face of new virus variants spreading across Europe. Even though both England and Ireland seem to have broken their respective waves, no guarantees can be given as to how the virus will advance in the rest of the continent.