A group of final-year Luxembourg students designed a creative and informative campaign as part of their project on public health.

The coronavirus crisis has once again demonstrated the lack of health professionals in Luxembourg. The students of the Lycée Technique pour Professions de Santé (LTPS), a secondary school with a specific focus on health professions, therefore decided to take it upon themselves to carry out a campaign to promote careers in nursing in Luxembourg.

In this context, the young filmmakers presented their ten video clips to the Ministry of Health and other health actors on Friday afternoon.

The aim of the campaign is to counter prejudices and to offer citizens an overview of the profession. The pupils were divided into ten groups in order to work in a coordinated way on this huge project. They also created ten posters with different messages and a QR code that redirects the viewer to the video corresponding to the subject of the poster.

The work groups choreographed and staged the different situations with a good dose of humour. Overall, this was a novel way of submitting a slightly different graduation project while supporting the sector in recruiting new candidates.

You can watch the full report in Luxembourgish below.