There were more deaths in Luxembourg in November than in the eight months between March and the end of October. And retirement homes were not spared.

In a single month, the number of deaths due to Covid-19 has more than doubled in the Grand Duchy. Retirement homes are a hot spot, according to the newspaper Luxemburger Wort. Despite the introduction of security measures the death toll has remained high in these homes.

Of the 557 people who have died to date and who have tested positive for coronavirus, 262, or almost half, were living in retirement homes. Most of them also passed away there and not in hospitals.

At present, 36 infected residents have been counted in the 52 facilities across the Grand Duchy. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 1,240 staff members in retirement homes and almost 1,600 residents have been infected with the virus. Luxembourg has 6,000 retirement home residents.

The source of these infections is unknown. Staff members have the possibility to be tested every fortnight.