Petrol heads who took to snowy fields to skid and drift in Bourscheid have caused thousands of euros in damages.

Drone images taken by RTL reveal the extent of the damage in the fields near Bourscheid, a commune north of Diekirch.

Since it is not possible to insure agricultural fields against vandalism, the landowners and farmers will have to bear the costs of rehabilitating the fields if the culprits are not found and charged by the police.

Early estimates suggest the damage total to be several thousand euros as the fields had already been sown.

Similar cases of 'wild rodeos' have already been reported in other parts of the country, such as Schouweiler or Ettelbruck.

Bored and frustrated by lockdown restrictions, the youth are finding alternative means to entertain themselves.

It was in the same commune, in the "Deich" car park, that the police warned seven young motorists on Sunday 17 January.

These wild slides are a violation of the Highway Code, in addition to non-compliance with the curfew in force.