Since Monday shops are allowed to re-open under strict conditions. Though Luxembourg just emerged from its second lockdown, there was no run on shops.

The sale of some items, including clothes and shoes, was affected by the two-week lockdown. Unsurprisingly online purchases soared in this period.

Maurizio Fecchi, who has been operating a shop for 30 years, says he will comply with the latest government measures. He will provide disinfectant and will try to limit the number of customers who can enter his shop.

After a two-week lockdown, what did people miss the most and what prompted them to return to non-essential shops on the day of their reopening? There was certainly no queue as the doors opened. Some customers set out to return clothes and shoes they received for Christmas. Others came from France or Belgium to shop in Luxembourg.

For Maurizio, and for so many others, 2020 was a challenging year. He is missing some 150,000 in lost revenue and the pandemic is far from over.

There was no rush on big shopping centres either as some aisles that had to be closed off during the lockdown have now been made accessible again. It seems that people did not miss any of these products as online shopping was available during this period.

Although some customers displayed their anger on social media about these aisle closures, the products that are now available again did not sell more than before the lockdown.

It is still too early to tell how big the losses are due to the lockdown closures of these aisles. Slowly but surely business is improving though for shop owners.