Laurent Schley used his time wisely during confinement to exercise his favourite hobby. The passionate hiker spent 2020 walking 1,100km throughout the entire Grand Duchy.

During the first lockdown in March, a period that took many people by surprise, Schley decided to spend all his free time outdoors. "I've always loved walking, but it was due to corona that I was sometimes in a bad mood and thought: I just need to get out into nature", he says. Every weekend he planned long hiking tours. "It really helps to be outside... It clears your head".

In 2020 he completed 84 circular walks, followed by another bunch of short walks. "The highlight was definitely the Mullerthal trail, which I completed in three weeks." The 200km-track crosses ravines and passes through caves in Luxembourg's north eastern region. The longest stretch was 40km, Schley's favourite.

On some stretches he was joined by his kids or colleagues. He has another goal on his bucket list for 2021: "If I have the time then I'd like to do the Leh trail. It's 160km with 7-8 stages."

The nature and animal friend is convinced he will walk even more this year. By the end of March is planning on having completed at least 300km.