These and other topics have been addressed by author and researcher Dr Félix Urbain in his latest publication "Clean Fuels".

The book aims at delineating a clear overview of alternative energy sources. Dr Urbain, who is a hydrogen specialist, tries to raise awareness of more sustainable methods than the gas and coal-based approaches of our current times.

His work is addressing a younger crowd of readers in an effort to bring these ideas closer to the next generation. Dr Urbain notes: "I tried to encompass all methods that are out there and that I have personally come across over the course of my research."

In his book, the author also underlines the problem areas of renewable energy sources, which still lack the full efficiency to actually replace our current needs. Dr Urbain thus concludes: "There is yet to be a clear winner in the race for the energy source of the future. Our goal is clear however: becoming fully climate-neutral in all sectors by 2050!"

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The researcher further elaborated on the use of hydrogen in the car industry. He believes that due to the nature of the mechanism, the approach is best applied with heavy vehicles, such as lorries, trains, ships, and even planes. Electric batteries on the other hand have a better chance of becoming an essential aspect in smaller car manufacturing, Dr Urbain emphasised.