School transportation has been a hotly debated subject of late, while the organisation thereof has proved a real challenge during the health crisis.

Efficient school transport must continue to be provided while ensuring compliance with the necessary health measures.

In order to meet current challenges, the Minister of Mobility and Public Works, François Bausch, and the Minister of National Education, Claude Meisch, have decided to strengthen the school transport infrastructure. The Ministry of Mobility and Public Works's Public Transport Department conducted a series of assessments on the situation from 18 September to 23 October, checking the majority of RGTR bus services which run between the public secondary schools and campuses in Luxembourg.

Improving the situation

Out of 383 school services inspected, 37 carried standing passengers. In order to improve this situation, ministers Bausch and Meisch decided to implement additional buses for 5 of the 37 journeys. For the others, they decided to replace the current stock with higher-capacity buses.

These reinforcements will be carried out from 9 November 2020, as classes resume following the half term break.

The current situation requires an increased capacity in order to reduce the number of passengers per trip, while at the same time the number of available drivers has been reduced due to staff testing positive, in quarantine or even on leave for family reasons .

The authorities have decided to partially reduce the RGTR's supply during off-peak hours, both on weekdays and weekends. In view of the recommendation to reduce unnecessary trips, this decision should not affect non-school passengers too much, as their number has decreased over the last fortnight.

The Luxair group is also ready to provide a reserve of bus drivers if required.  The ministers also mentioned a forthcoming analysis which could see Luxembourg's army drivers deployed to assist with the situation.