The whole world will look towards the US on Thursday night, as they elect their new president.

Will Donald Trump remain in office for another four years or will former Vice President Biden beat him? The current US presidential race will have consequences reaching far beyond that country's borders, and it is of course being closely followed by US citizens across the world.

The Coronavirus crisis and ongoing protests dominate the election, which is seeing unprecedented turnout. The President's constant presence in the media seems to have given him a last minute boost, according to some polls.

What do Republicans living abroad think, such as in Luxembourg? What are their thoughts on US gun laws? How do they feel living in Luxembourg and how do they think our government has handled the Covid crisis?

James O'Neal has been a resident for 18 years and is the chairman of Republicans Overseas in Luxembourg. As a pro-business libertarian and a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, he is hoping Trump will be reelected. But he admits there are systemic problems in the USA that neither party seems fully prepared to tackle.

Half of the members of his organisation are not even Americans, he explains. Many Europeans from a variety of backgrounds support Trump from a distance. These past few months leading up to the election, they met once a month with their Democratic counterparts in Luxembourg for online debates and to discuss how they can contribute to the direction their respective parties should take.

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