That's right, folks - we're back to the standard October fare of low-level but near-constant drizzly nonsense.

You should be fine with a water resistant (not proof) jacket today, so I suppose the good news is your jacket options are not quite as limited as they could be. From morning right through to sleepy time, we've got light rain on the menu.

It will be fairly warm, though. 10-13 °C in the morning, up to 17 °C in the afternoon, and a slight drop to between 12 and 15 °C in the evening.

Traffic checks

The police have announced the following checks for this Thursday:

Three in the morning:

  • N7 Bamertal in Diekirch;
  • N7 in Heisdorf;
  • Boulevard Pierre Dupong in Luxembourg City.

One in the afternoon:

  • Rue d'Oberkorn in Belvaux.

Safe travels!

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