We're essentially going to re-live yesterday, except it's Sunday and the shops are (largely/partially) closed.

Early morning hours will be foggy, but by the time most of you are likely to wake up (good morning!) it shouldn't be. What it will, and continue to, be is partially/largely cloudy. All day.

As for temperatures, we're looking at 1-4 °C in the morning (get your gloves out!), 9-12 °C in the afternoon, and 6-10 °C come evening.

Traffic checks

The police have announced the following checks for this Sunday.

Two in the afternoon:

  • Rue Principale in Folschette;
  • Route de Longwy in Schouweiler.

And two in the evening/at night:

  • Rue de Beggen in Luxembourg City;
  • N10 in Schwebsange.

Safe travels!

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