The development works on Cloche d'Or have reached the midpoint. The project dates back to 2004.

The extensive project, which includes around 600,000 square meters of work, residential and commercial area, will have taken over 20 years to complete. There are still a number of unresolved issues, according to developer Flavio Becca.

The development works on the second half of the new quarter have officially begun, as developer Flavio Becca and his engineer Michel Knepper opened the "move Property Expo" at the Cloche d'Or shopping centre and presented the next steps of the project, which will focus on the mostly undeveloped southern part of the neighbourhood.

Around a third of the total area, 200,000 square meters, will be residential, housing around 6,000 people who will, hopefully, bring some life into the still fairly anemic quarter.

The works are set to finish in 2025 or even 2030. The length of the project is in part due to issues with the City and the State, according to the developer and his team. Michel Knepper bemoans delays and missing authorisations, for instance regarding the planned park, which should have been started two years ago. "We seem to work at different speeds," he says. Works on the park finally began two weeks ago.

In addition, 300-350 accommodations will be made available in conjunction with the State. But here, too, Flavio Becca pointed fingers at the government. "Housing prices rise because these procedures are far too long. It would really help to get the main actors around a table to try and speed up these projects."

Infrastructures are another aspect that's lagging behind. There is still no direct access to the motorway from the southern part, and the current situation with bus and car traffic could be improved. Bad timing on traffic lights cause jams during rush hour, says Michel Knepper. A problem that could easily be solved with some cooperation.

Flavio Becca is one of the richest men in the country and one of the biggest developers. Asked for his thoughts about fair taxation, he gives a very diplomatic and non-committal answer. "I will see what the government proposes. They are the people who should provide the strategic direction to take."