The prices of some products increased during the crisis while others experienced a significant drop, as concluded by Statec.

Statec's study 'Luxembourg in Figures' highlighted the products whose value was most influenced by the pandemic's circumstances.

For this purpose, the institute chose April 2020 as the reference period compared to last year. The most significant increases were observed in fresh fruit (+16.4%), fresh vegetables (+13.9%) and frozen fish (+10.3%). Rice (+8.9%) and frozen seafood (+8%) are also among the products whose prices have increased significantly compared to April 2019.

Although Statec does not provide explanations for these increases, there is a reason for the decrease of the price of diesel (-17.6%), petrol (- 25.3%) and heating oil (- 42.1%). Lockdown had an immediate impact on the consumption of fossil fuels, which led to a fall in prices.

Statec illustration, "Luxembourg en chiffres 2020" / © Statec

These prices have clearly developed since the easing of coronavirus measures. The latest study by Statec revealed that the prices of petroleum products started to rise again in June and fell back in August.

Prices for fresh vegetables and fresh fish started to fall again in August, unlike the price of fresh fruit, which continued to rise. In general, food prices were still generally higher in August 2020 than around this time last year (+2.3%).