113 cases have been confirmed since schools reopened.

Since there were a number of ambiguities around the partial quarantine procedures designed for schools, ministers Lenert and Meisch spoke to the press on Friday to clarify the situation.

Scenario 1

If there is only one confirmed case in a class, the rest of the pupils and teaching staff will have to enter into partial quarantine, which means that only the infected person will have to isolate at home. The rest of the class continues while strictly wearing masks. Physical education will not be taught in such cases, and pupils are not allowed to eat at the school cafeteria. After 6 days, the rest of the class will be tested for Covid-19.

The ministry further recommends that the rest of the class reduce their social activities over the course of said period. Parental leave will moreover be granted so that children can be cared for at home outside of school hours.

Scenario 2

If a second case occurs in a class, the next scenario will be initiated right away, which means that all members of the class will have to quarantine.

Scenario 3

The third scenario has been designed for the case of an entire infection chain breaking out in a school, which means that all concerned people will have to enter quarantine while overall measures for the building will have to be adapted, minister Meisch explained.


Public schools have thus far registered 60 cases of scenario 1 in primary schools. In 3 instances, complete classes had to quarantine. Thus far, secondary schools experienced 31 isolated infections and 2 cases of scenario 2.

Private schools had 13 scenario 1 cases in primary education, while one particular secondary school showed signs of a possible infection chain throughout the building. The situation is still being analysed.

In total, 113 cases have been registered between 15 and 25 September. By comparison, 139 cases were identified from 1 September to 15 September in people aged between 3 and 20 years of age.

What to do in case of an infection

The minister of health appealed to the public to not perform a test right away, since studies have proven that a spreading of the virus often only becomes clearly visible after a period of 6 days.