According to Eurostat data, 82% of school pupils in Luxembourg study at least two foreign languages, placing us third in the EU.

For the purposes of this comparison, Eurostat considered French and German to be foreign languages in Luxembourg, despite their being official languages in the Grand Duchy.

In the EU as a whole, 48% of school pupils study at least two foreign languages. Luxembourg comes in third place overall with its 82%, with Romania (98%) taking the lead, followed by Finland (94%). For the latter, either Swedish or Finnish is counted as a foreign language, depending on which of the two a pupils opts to study as their primary language.

As for our neighbouring countries, France comes in 4th with 78% of pupils studying two or more foreign languages, Belgium comes in 15th with 42%, and Germany is near the bottom with its 34% placing it in 22nd place, with just Lithuanian (31%), Danish (also 31%), Spanish (21%), Portuguese (6%), and Greek (1%) pupils less likely to study 2+ foreign languages.


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It's worth noting that this comparison does not take into account relative fluency or mastery of languages, just the rate at which languages are studied.

What languages are they learning?

English is by far the most commonly studied foreign language in the Union, with 86.8% of students at upper secondary level studying it in 2018. It's followed by French (19.4%), German (18.3%), and Spanish (17.5%).

In Luxembourg, French takes the lead in this age group, as it was studied in 2018 by 87.1% of pupils, followed by German at 82.5%. English meanwhile was studied by 72.3%, and Spanish by just 1.3%.

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