Several routine checks were conducted over the weekend in Sandweiler, Contern, and Trintingen.

The police operation lasted from 8pm on Friday until 2.30am on Saturday and focused on the central-eastern region of the country. Officers mainly focused on car tuning and whether or not the technical and legal limitations were respected.

There were four cases where fines of €74 had to be awarded due to faulty exhaust systems. One vehicle did not have the required four indicators (€49), and two cars had issues with their windows (€74). One driver even put four different types of tires on his vehicle, for which he received a €145 fine and a 2-point loss on his license. 42 drivers were stopped in total.

Two licenses had to be revoked at the scene, one for driving under the influence of alcohol, the other for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Two further licenses were revoked for drink driving in Bonnevoie and in Bofferdange.

The Grand Ducal police issued a friendly reminder on their website, listing potential problem areas and the respective fines that can be awarded for each case.