The police also managed to detain an armed man in the capital on Tuesday.

Police received reports of an accident around midnight on Monday, with a car crashing into a wall and into traffic lights in Tandel. As it turned out, it was the same driver who had previously fled from a routine police check since he had had too much to drink. When the officers decided to take the man to the station, he began filming and insulting them.

Upon arriving at the station, the man turned aggressive, threatened the life of the officers, and tried to hit them. He was subsequently subdued with great difficulty. As the man was not only drunk, but also in possession of hashish and cash, the prosecutor's office ordered a house search. His license was removed as well.

On Tuesday, the police were alerted to an armed man in the Gare quarter of the capital. Officers managed to locate and identify the man in question, and seized a revolver after a brief search.