On Tuesday, about 100 employees of the Kräizbierg Foundation gathered at the OGBL office in Esch to complain about the institution's degrading working conditions, the union said in a statement on Friday morning.

The leadership of the Kräizbierg Foundation has been labelled as "inhumane", being accused of sanctions, threats, staff shortages and permanent pressure on its employees. The OGBL says it's unacceptable for the board to stick its head in the sand now that workers are complaining, and that it is scandalous for the management to take legal action against those employees who had the courage to take a public stand against the abuse.

If there are no improvements, then the staff of the Kräizbierg Foundation will plan further trade union action. It should put an end to the repressive methods of management and place the care of people with special needs back in the forefront, said the OGBL.

Upon inquiry, the foundation's managing director, Jeannot Berg, declined to comment, with the board meeting on Monday. Already back in June, however, the Board of Directors had set up a delegation to respond and handle incidents.

Monday will show what developments have been made.