A new app for the Eislek region not only includes a detailed map of the area, but also comes with a digital forester, showing that outdoor walking and technology can go hand in hand.

The digital forester provides information on the walker's surroundings. But how does it work exactly?

Paul Ihry, manager of Visit Eislek, explains that the smartphone app receives an impulse from beacons established next to the routes, followed by a pop-up notification. Once the user clicks on the notification, they can read information on flora and fauna, or watch a video about the specific topic.

There are a total of eight information points. The app is free to download in the App Store or Google Play. Bluetooth must be switched on during the walk for the app to function.

"We're also planning on virtually rebuilding the market square of Ettelbruck. That way users can see how the market looked in 1944/45 via a 360 degree camera.

This is the first of many walking trails in Luxembourg to be fitted with this technology.

Video report in Luxembourgish:

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