Christine Lutgen, the director of the Upper Sûre Nature Park, was a guest on RTL Radio on Monday morning.

During the interview, Lutgen talked about the park's efforts to implement the recommendations by the National Health Authority, which eventually led to the idea of a booking system for the Upper Sûre Lake's beaches.

Lutgen explained that there had been a number of so-called "corona parties" before the system's creation, adding that people mainly gathered around the lake towards the evenings and during the night.

Another problem was that nearby villages increasingly suffered from visitors stationing their vehicles at random locations, a situation which the director described as "intolerable" for local residents.

Lutgen also reminded potential visitors to remain extremely vigilant when hiking around the Upper Sûre Lake. There have recently been two forest fires in the area and the risk still remains due to increased dryness over the past days.

On a positive note, the director added that the park was able to welcome a lot more local visitors compared to previous years. 70% of all tourists were residents, according to Lutgen.